[Samba] Samba HA on two nodes

David Schlenk david-schlenk at bethel.edu
Wed Nov 23 14:58:07 GMT 2005

On Nov 21, 2005, at 5:42 AM, HENRY Vincent wrote:

> Is anybody succeed to run a configuration on a two node clusters  
> with Samba installed on each machine?
> I compiled two versions on different directories (/usr/local/samba1  
> and samba2).
> At this point, I can run 2 samba's on one node in case of failure  
> but problems are on Active Directory
> authentication for the Fallback node.

Yes, I am, but it does not do file sharing, just printing.

What I did was set up a logical IP on both machines and if the  
fallback node detected that the other node's primary IP went down, it  
would turn on that interface and start samba. Not exactly the most  
perfect setup but it seems to work pretty well. I use regularly  
scheduled rsyncs to keep the various tdbs and printer drivers in sync.

For file serving you'd probably want to add a stonith device and then  
have both machines attached to a scsi array.  There's still that  
array being the single point of failure, but it's better than nothing.

David Schlenk
Operating Systems Analyst
Bethel University
david-schlenk at bethel.edu

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