[Samba] Access is denied message when trying to join domain

Samba Samba at rainbowschools.ca
Wed Nov 23 14:08:45 GMT 2005

Hi Everyone,

I have recently start receiving the following error message when attempting to join an XP client to the domain:
	The following error occurred attempting to join the domain "<domainname>":
		Access is denied.

This was working. I have been trying to retrace my steps to determine the cause of this error. I was able to reproduce
the error message on our test server after I modifyed the Domain Users group by typing: net groupmap add s=<sid>-513
ntgroup=Domain\ Users unixgroup=domainusers type=domain

After that command was added, I began getting this error. I have since tried deleting, rebooting, stop/start samba. No

I am currently running Samba as a PDC on Mac OS 10.4.3.  Samba version 3.0.10. This server is also my OpenLDAP Master
(if that helps).

I used the net groupmap command to try and rebuild the mapping for Domain Users. When I try to add Domain Users to the
Local Administrator group, I receive the following:
	"Information returned from the object picker for object "<username>" was
incomplete.  The object will not be processed."


I can add individual users, but whenever I try to add any group I get this message.

Any thoughts or suggestions,

Thanks for replys.

-- Dominique

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