[Samba] Adding 2k3 to existing network

proseman.20.ftumsh at spamgourmet.com proseman.20.ftumsh at spamgourmet.com
Wed Nov 23 11:10:49 GMT 2005


Could somebody throw me a bone with the below please?

Samba 2.2.4

Lo all,

I have a samba pdc on our network. All works well. There are a
win2k machine and win nt4 terminal server as well as linux desktops on
the network. Users on the termianl server can browse the network no
probs. It's all been ok for over a year, until now.

We have just put a win 2003 server on the network (bunter). Users on the
2003 can browse the network, but users on the nt4 terminal server cannot
browse the 2003 server. The error message is:

\\Bunter is not accessible.
The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain

I have removed bunter from the domain and added it again, it has a
machine account etc.

My question is, is this a problem to do with samba config or should I be
looking from the windows end?



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