[Samba] could not add user/computer winxp$ to passdb:Check permissions?

Tony Austin nsswitch at gigaday.com
Tue Nov 22 17:50:34 GMT 2005

I've Googled my fingertips off trying to find an answer to this and tried
several things without success.

I have 2 Samba server setup by different people but both using Samba by
Example chapter 6.

Neither server will allow Windows computers to join the domain.

The Samba log shows:

[2005/11/22 13:36:02, 1] passdb/pdb_ldap.c:ldapsam_modify_entry(1516)
  ldapsam_modify_entry: Failed to add user
dnuid=winxp$,ou=People,dc=phoenixinteriorsltd,dc=com with: Already exists

[2005/11/22 13:36:02, 0] passdb/pdb_ldap.c:ldapsam_add_sam_account(1948)
  ldapsam_add_sam_account: failed to modify/add user with uid = winxp$ (dn
= uid=winxp$,ou=People,dc=phoenixinteriorsltd,dc=com)
[2005/11/22 13:36:02, 0] rpc_server/srv_samr_nt.c:_samr_create_user(2272)
  could not add user/computer winxp$ to passdb.  Check permissions?


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