[Samba] Cant add new PC to Domain

Lee Ball lee at effective-it.co.uk
Tue Nov 22 11:50:21 GMT 2005

Is the name of your machine test? Also, you are aware that for each 
machine account you are creating a home directory? They don't need one 
and it just makes /home/ cluttered.

Also, is there any reason why although you created a machine account for 
samba called test1 you actually have shown us a machine account for 
test000? Maybe I'm getting mixed up there but that doesn't seem right to me.

flip wrote:

>Dear all
>I have a Problem about add new Maschine accounts to the Domain.
>i do whit = useradd -g nogroup -s /bin/false test1$
>		=  smbpasswd -a -m test1$
>		    Added user test1$
>ok then i look in to /etc/passwd =  
>and in /etc/samba/smbpasswd = 
>[W          ]:LCT-437CA369:
>looks ok but i become a Error when i bring my Win2k PC into the Domain
>Error say: The machine account for this computer either does not exist 
>Whats wrong?

Lee Ball
08707 45 87 14
effective it

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