[Samba] patch request - inherit owner

initiators at free.fr initiators at free.fr
Tue Nov 22 08:33:19 GMT 2005

Craig White wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-11-21 at 17:36 +0100, initiators at free.fr wrote:
>>Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
>>>initiators at free.fr wrote:
>>>| so a patch to add an "inherit owner group" option
>>>| would be very useful.
>>>Unix file systems already support this with the group ID bit.
>>>Just "chmod g+s dirname".
>>Ok it's working.
>>I didn't knew I could have a s without a x, so I was worried about the
>>security as some users have access to a shell on the Samba server.
> ----
> 'x' has different meaning when it comes to a directory. It indicates
> whether a user of that type can 'descend' into the directory.
> Craig

I know this, but I am moving data from a Windows server to Samba i.e. I
have to copy files preserving the creation times and then set up the
access rights.
And as I tought that s goes with x, and there is not way (well, as least
from what I know) to recursievly set the s just to directories (as with
the X) I had no solution.
Well, seting up the s to the base dir before replicating data should
have worked, but I just didn't think enough.

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