[Samba] Backup Domain Controllers

Ian Barnes ian at opteqint.net
Mon Nov 21 18:47:08 GMT 2005


Our clients have raised a concern about allowing for backup domain
controllers in our setup. We are using samba and squid to do ntlmv2
integrated logon. I immediately thought of a PDC BDC relationship, but when
I asked them about it, they said they don't have scenario like that. They
have regional PDC's and a core PDC. 

Is there a way to specify multiple servers during startup so that if the
first one fails, then it will auto revert to another pdc? 

We join the domain as follows:

# net ads join -S servername -w domain -U username%password

After we have joined, we run winbindd and nmbd. 

Thanks in advance,

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