[Samba] client auth failure for linux and samba pdc

Matt Finlayson finlayso at vancouver.wsu.edu
Mon Nov 21 16:17:40 GMT 2005

  subject: linux client auth to samba pdc fails

  I have a problem getting linux clients to authenticate against a Samba 

  # This file is auto-generated.
  # User changes will be destroyed the next time authconfig is run.
  auth        required      /lib/security/$ISA/pam_env.so debug
  auth        sufficient    /lib/security/$ISA/pam_unix.so debug 
likeauth nullok
  auth        sufficient    /lib/security/$ISA/pam_smb_auth.so debug
  use_first_pass nolocal
  auth        required      /lib/security/$ISA/pam_deny.so debug

  account     required      /lib/security/$ISA/pam_unix.so debug
  account     sufficient    /lib/security/$ISA/pam_succeed_if.so debug 
uid < 100 quiet
  account     required      /lib/security/$ISA/pam_permit.so debug

  password    requisite     /lib/security/$ISA/pam_cracklib.so debug retry=3
  password    sufficient    /lib/security/$ISA/pam_unix.so debug nullok
  use_authtok md5
  #password    sufficient    /lib/security/$ISA/pam_smb_auth.so debug
  use_first_pass nolocal
  password    required      /lib/security/$ISA/pam_deny.so debug

  session     required      /lib/security/$ISA/pam_limits.so debug
  session     required      /lib/security/$ISA/pam_unix.so debug

  "my domain"
  "my Server"

  When I try to logon to the linux client machine with a username and
  password stored in samba I get the following error message in
  /var/log/samba/%m.logfile [2005/11/17 14:21:53, 2]
Closing connections
[2005/11/17 14:21:53, 3] smbd/connection.c:yield_connection(69)
     Yielding connection to
[2005/11/17 14:21:53, 3] smbd/connection.c:yield_connection(76)
     yield_connection: tdb_delete for name  failed with error Record 
does not exist.
[2005/11/17 14:21:53, 3] smbd/server.c:exit_server(652)
    Server exit (normal exit)

I need help fixing this.  The goal is to have a Samba PDC server that 
will authenticate both windwos and linux clients using the same 
password.  Windows clients rely on the samba PDC for user info, 
authentication, user network shares, etc.  And Linux clients rely on 
ldap for user info (/etc/password type stuff), nfs for access to user 
network share, and samba for authentication.  This setup works on our 
old platform; RH9, samba 2.something, ldapV2.2.13 but I cannot get smb 
auth to work for the linux clients.

Any help?

The error is generated from smbd/connection.c:

   Delete a connection record.

BOOL yield_connection(connection_struct *conn, const char *name)
          struct connections_key key;
          TDB_DATA kbuf;

          if (!tdb)
                  return False;

          DEBUG(3,("Yielding connection to %s\n",name));

          make_conn_key(conn, name, &kbuf, &key);

          if (tdb_delete(tdb, kbuf) != 0) {
                  int dbg_lvl = (!conn && (tdb_error(tdb) ==
: 0;
                  DEBUG(dbg_lvl,("yield_connection: tdb_delete for name
%s failed
with error %s.\n",
                          name, tdb_errorstr(tdb) ));
                  return (False);


You Will notice that %s does not have any value listed when it is
printed ot the log file...

The server is a dual Intel Xeon the client is a Pentium 4.  Both are 
running Fedora 4 with all packages installed.  I am using only the 
software that came with Fedora.

Matt Finlayson
Information Technology Specialist
School of Engineering and Computer Science
Washington State University Vancouver

It has been said, “A day that is without troubles is not fulfilling.
Rather, give me a day of troubles well handled so that I can be content
with my achievements.”

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