[Samba] Multiple Login scripts

José M. Fandiño samba at fadesa.es
Mon Nov 21 13:59:34 GMT 2005

Robert Schetterer wrote:

> >The advantage of this script is that the secondary unix groups
> >are automatically mapped to windows units (M:, J:, ...) based
> >in their membership to those unix groups.
> >smb.conf:
> >=========
> >[global]
> >logon script = %U.bat
> >
> >[netlogon]
> >...
> >root preexec = " /usr/local/bin/logon.pl %U %G %L"
> Hi this scripts are very usefull if you want things coming up on demand,
> but for every change this has to be rewritten, ifmember.exe

perhaps I fail to understand you point of view but actually you only 
need to rewrite the script when a new unix group is created, which 
isn't a very common operation. 

> in an default logon.bat is more flexible as it is only one file in one
> place which has to be edited and it needs no prexec.

hmmm, I already have an unique place where my configuration is edited and 
it isn't necessary install binary files in windows clients. Also I don't 
consider preexec a big trouble since AFAIK it is only executed in the 
initial share connection and occasionally after a reconnection.

> After all every win admin can rewrite it too, some of them hat deep
> problems with perl

Anyway I think that they are two forms to achieve the same objective.

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