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dballester dbm0572 at yahoo.es
Mon Nov 21 11:52:22 GMT 2005

El sáb, 19-11-2005 a las 23:32 +0000, Julian Pilfold-Bagwell escribió:
> Hi all,
> I need help to clear a bit of confusion regarding SIDs on Samba servers.
> I had my PDC collapse on Thursday which wasn't too much of a problem as I had 
> everything backed up but I'm now in the position that I have a mismatched 
> Domain SID. If I run net getlocalsid I get the sid for the server (called 
> smb0) and net get local sid <domain> returns the sid for the Domain.
> I need to recover the original domain SID but setlocalsid changes the SID for 
> the machine. As it is, people can log onto the domain but I can't set up any 
> new accounts or change user details with smbldap-tools.
> Any help appreciated,
> Cheers,
> Jools


	Similar problem here ( migration of machine/SO and upgrade to latest
version ) some days ago.

My 2 euro cents:

	Stop samba services

	Under a controlled environment backup /etc/samba and /var/lib/samba
( or your distro /var/<location> )

	Delete all tdb posible files in both places, better delete
all /var/<samba-location>/ files . Only mantain config ones

	Without start samba sevices change the SID using

	net setlocalSID SID-1-2...

	For me, this changed both SID, machine and samba domain to desired one.
	If things goes bad, you can revert to 1st situation
restoring /etc/samba and /var/<samba-location>



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