[Samba] Samba & SIDs

Julian Pilfold-Bagwell jools at oss4all.plus.com
Sat Nov 19 23:32:02 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I need help to clear a bit of confusion regarding SIDs on Samba servers.

I had my PDC collapse on Thursday which wasn't too much of a problem as I had 
everything backed up but I'm now in the position that I have a mismatched 
Domain SID. If I run net getlocalsid I get the sid for the server (called 
smb0) and net get local sid <domain> returns the sid for the Domain.

I need to recover the original domain SID but setlocalsid changes the SID for 
the machine. As it is, people can log onto the domain but I can't set up any 
new accounts or change user details with smbldap-tools.

Any help appreciated,



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