[Samba] FreeBSD 4.x NT PDC authorization

Thomas Fazekas thomas.fazekas at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 20:52:58 GMT 2005

Dear group,

I know this is not the first post related to
NT domain authentication with Samba. I actually
did manage to set up NT domain authentication on
a FreeBSD 5.4 using Samaba 3.0.12 based on infos
I mostly found here. I'm stuck however to get the same
thing working on a FreeBSD 4.11.  The steps I've tried to
follow are described in the Samba Howto.
Configured/compiled Samaba 3.0.20b
./configure --prefix=/usr/opt/samba --with-ldap=no
             --with-ads=no --with-pam=yes
             --with-pam_smbpass=yes --with-winbind=yes

building/installation ran without a any problem.
After running ldconfig and modifying the pam configuration
I still can't authenticate agains the WinNT PDC.
As I already said I did manage to get this working on a
FreeBSD 5.4 so my config files are probably correct.
After some digging in the archives I just want to get a
confirmation/answer to my suspicions/questions.

1. Authentication, domain user mapping just doesn't work
on FreBSD 4.x because lack of nsswitch implementation...??
So trying to set up something like this is just a waste of time ?

2. If the above is correct, did anybody have some experience with
DragonFly BSD ? My understanding is that the DragonFly team
picked up the development where the FreeBSD left it off so maybe
they got nsswitch.

3. If my pam.conf conatins the line
sshd  auth  sufficient pam_winbind.so    debug try_first_pass
where should I look for the log ? I just can't see anything
related to my failed authentication attemps in the smbd/winbind log...


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