[Samba] job queue samba 3.0.20b problem

stephane.purnelle at corman.be stephane.purnelle at corman.be
Thu Nov 17 12:47:12 GMT 2005


I have a strange problem with my samba 3.0.20b with lprm_patch.

In job queue list displayed on windows client; I can see a multiple of 
line with : 

Remote Downlevel Document with status is : submited in job queue.
sometimes, this job is submited more than one time in the same second.

The job cannot be deleted my the user, but by administror, it does.
Maybe is due to windows 98 client, I don't know.

some help will be apprecied


Stéphane PURNELLE                         stephane.purnelle at corman.be
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