[Samba] Promoting Samba BDC to PDC

adrian sender adrian_au1 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 17 10:48:15 GMT 2005

Hello Pavan

Firstly have you been following the samba guide - Samba 3 by example by John 

Chapter 5.

You must now set the LDAP administrative password into the Samba-3 
secrets.tdb file by executing this command:

root#  smbpasswd -w not24get
Setting stored password for "cn=Manager,dc=abmas,dc=biz" in secrets.tdb

Now you must obtain the domain SID from the PDC and store it into the 
secrets.tdb file also. This step is not necessary with an LDAP passdb 
backend because Samba-3 obtains the domain SID from the sambaDomain object 
it automatically stores in the LDAP backend. It does not hurt to add the SID 
to the secrets.tdb, and if you wish to do so, this command can achieve that:

root#  net rpc getsid MEGANET2
Storing SID S-1-5-21-3504140859-1010554828-2431957765 \
                           for Domain MEGANET2 in secrets.tdb


Adrian Sender.

Hi All,

        Has any one got an idea of how to make clients automatically find 
the BDC when the PDC is stopped. Both PDC and BDC are running by Samba 
authenticating again a LDAPSAM backend replicated on both the PDC with 
master LDAP database and BDC with replicated LDAP database. But when I stop 
PDC the clients are not detecting the BDC broadcast. I can see that the 
replication is of the OpenLDAP data is perfect.

Any idea of where i may be wrong??

thankx in advance.


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