[Samba] Multiple Login scripts

"M. Müller" malte.mueller at ewetel.net
Thu Nov 17 08:22:20 GMT 2005

Paul Gienger wrote:

>>basis. Is it possible to set up multiple login scripts that 
>>would be executed 
>>in sequence i.e. run by user is %u, and machine is %m is it 
>>possible to say 
>>run %u to set up shares followed by %m  to set up the right 
>>printers for the 
>>room their in?
>We have a perl script set in the prelogon section of netlogon that will
>determine lots of fun stuff about the user and where they are coming from.
>Once the script has determined who/what is connecting and where from, it
>will write out a batch file into the netlogon share that the user then
>executes, since our logon script variable is something like %U.bat
I do nearly the same at my site, except that i get the info from ldap 
for which i wrote a
little schema with a "script" attribute. I extract that attributes with 
preexec in [netlogon]
using a util written in C (_starts_ faster than perl) and write static 
logon scripts as well.
I put the scripts in user (machine), group and artificial "room" entries.
I would never claim that this is the most clever solution, but it works 
for me. Your choice!

Kind regards,

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