[Samba] loging on to samba from a xp box

Vedat Gunes vedat at chenoa.com.tr
Wed Nov 16 10:41:06 GMT 2005



i setup redhat 9.0 and I am running it under SBS 2000 network. Everything is
ok; I can see the linux box on the network, I can reach every machine on the
network from the linux box. Alse I can log on by typing sbs users username
and pass on the linux box. But the problem is when I try to reach the linux
box from any other xp pro boxes a window opens and wants me to typ username
and password. There is user on linux and it has got a pass. I type it but
the user name takes the domain prefix like domainName\usrName and I cannot
reach the linux box. The security status of the linux is no firewall and
every linux machine has f-secure antivirus and windows firewalls are off..


please help me. I am about to be mad.. :-(

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