[Samba] Multiple Login scripts

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Wed Nov 16 22:01:02 GMT 2005

> > jep it can be done , use ifmember.exe from the resource kit,
> > and install printers by group membership
> > like this
> >
> > #defautllogin.bat
> > @echo off
> > ifmember /v /l "YOURDOMAINNAME\teachers"
> > if errorlevel 1 call teachers.bat
> >
> this is fine but for the fact that you need to install the 
> ifmember.exe in
> *all* the computers. We use the poorman's version of it which 

You could put this on a network share, which is either called via UNC
(speculation, don't know if this works) or you could map the drive before
running the ifmember tests.  There are no files requiring an install, just
the ifmember.exe.

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