[Samba] Windows-style quota / "profile size too big" warning?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Wed Nov 16 21:13:07 GMT 2005

Gémes Géza schrieb:


>>>It's Group Policy, but it's implemented entirely on the client.  I
>>>just tested it out against a Samba PDC with no server-side quotas
>>>enabled, and it works.
>>>Setting each computer's group policy without an Active Directory is
>>>harder, but it's still doable.  (You could do it manually in
>>>gpedit.msc, or try using a tool like Nitrobit, or try setting the
>>>registry keys manually or with a script.)
>>could you elaborate some more about it (how you did it etc.)?
>>if it's just a couple of registry entries, it would be easy to add on
>>each client even without Group Policy.
> It is doable with the NT4 policy editor as well using the adm files
> included with Win2k server. You just need to create an NTConfig.pol file
> on the root of your netlogon share.

Yeah I just noticed today.

To some extent it is explained here:


Note: by default, maximum profile size is only 30 MB and Windows will 
not allow you to increase it. For me it was too small.

With gpedit.msc you can increase it by following suggestions here:


As with Samba you probably won't use gpedit.msc, but the Policy Editor 
and NTConfig.pol, you will have to edit %SystemRoot%\inf\winnt.adm (or 
some other file Policy Editor is using, I don't quite remember), and 
look for "MaxProfileSize", and increase this size.

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