[Samba] Adding Windows server to Samba domain

ANDREW NASH nashcom at btinternet.com
Wed Nov 16 11:35:53 GMT 2005

We’ve been running Samba 2.2.8 on a couple of UnixWare 7.1.3 boxes for a couple of years.  One is acting as a PDC, and supplies things like login scripts and print queues etc.  The workstations are all running Windows XP Pro, and login to the domain.


However, we now have a requirement to install a new application that runs on Microsoft SQL server.  This will require a new additional server running Windows 2003 server, plus the SQL Server software.  I’ve never had to integrate Samba with Windows servers before, and am not sure what I’ll need to do.


According to the software supplier, we will not require to use Active Directories on the Windows 2003 server.  (I suppose it will run in some sort of NT4 mode)


I have a few questions:


Will it be necessary to upgrade Samba to version 3.x?  I’ve not noticed any problems with 2.2.8, and am slightly wary about upgrading a ‘live’ server.


I’m not sure how to install Server 2003.  I assume there will be an option to use Active Directories or not.  Assuming I don’t, will I have to configure it as some sort of ‘secondary’ server (assuming the Samba remains the PDC)?


Another question relates to Windows CALs.  I know we’ll have to buy 60 SQL Server CALS, but what about Windows 2003 server licenses?  Again, if Samba is the PDC with the existing user accounts and passwords, will we have to add 60 User CALS to Windows 2003 Server, or will the users be able to access the SQL server without these?


With regard to the user accounts, will I have to create them on the new server, or will it read them from the Samba PDC?


I think that’s all for now!  Sorry if it’s all a bit obvious. 



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