[Samba] Backup Tape

Thomas Heiligenmann thomas at heiligenmann.de
Wed Nov 16 11:07:15 GMT 2005

Sandy McCarthy schrieb:
> I am at my final stages of switching my file server from my ageing Novell Netware 5.0 to Linux Suse SLE9. All my workstations are WinXP and Win2000 so I am relying on samba for file sharing. My last stage to resolve is having a backup strategy for the server. I already have a SCSI HP Dat drive I can install in the server but need some easy to use software to back my files. It would need to be able to keep all the file security and ACL info so if I need to restore any files, no further configuration is required. Would I need a backup solution that accommodates samba? If so, any recommendations on what software to use. I only have 10 users and my current Novell server is only at 15gb so we don't have a heavily used server.
> Has anyone else made the transition from Netware to Linux? In terms of administration, is their anything else I need to look out for?

Bacula http://www.bacula.org/ works fine. There's also support for tape 
changers, network clients and more.


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