[Samba] Multiple Login scripts

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Tue Nov 15 21:09:13 GMT 2005

> basis. Is it possible to set up multiple login scripts that 
> would be executed 
> in sequence i.e. run by user is %u, and machine is %m is it 
> possible to say 
> run %u to set up shares followed by %m  to set up the right 
> printers for the 
> room their in?

With some clever scripting, anything is possible.  Some folks like to use
the built in dos scripting methods to do flow control, some like to use
kixtart(spelling?) and some like to use server side scripting to generate
static login scripts.  I can only comment on the latter.

We have a perl script set in the prelogon section of netlogon that will
determine lots of fun stuff about the user and where they are coming from.
Once the script has determined who/what is connecting and where from, it
will write out a batch file into the netlogon share that the user then
executes, since our logon script variable is something like %U.bat

If that gets you thinking, great, if not post back.

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