[Samba] Unable to connect samba server using hostname

kurt weiss maillists at kwnet.at
Tue Nov 15 12:28:03 GMT 2005

updatemyself . schrieb:

> I am Unable to connect samba server using hostname
> the thing is.. its happen only from few windows machine
> in my network... but they can access the sambe share
> using IPAddress.. as like all other machine
> All the other Windows system in my network can access samba share
> using both... IP Address and Hostname..
> This creating a big headache for me.....
> please suggest some solution to solve this problems...

*) what's the result, if you try
"nslookup <hostname>" on this machines?
*) which version samba you 're using?
*) which windows versions the broken machines are?

kurt, austria. (http://www.kwnet.at)
this is a posting from a samba *user* - not a samba developer.
the posting is created on the base of experiences an may be faulty.
so, if contains any mistakes, please feel free to correct it

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