[Samba] Windows client and kerberos without ADS

Skander skander2 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 10:20:35 GMT 2005

> Are you connecting from the client as FQDN, or the netbios name.
> windows clients are very painful in that they will not use the FQDN, nor
> even alter the case of their requests.

I have used the command ksetup /domain
Now at least it contacts the KDC otherwise it only tries NTLM.
But as you said, it tries to obtain a ticket for
cifs/name_entered_in_browser. No matter if the name is netbios or IP
And my problem now is that it doesnt try to do a dns resolution before the
netbios resolution. So, I can't use the FQDN in the Windows brower and
obtain the correct service ticket.

How can I activate dns resolution for smb protocol on my Windows client ?
(DNS works for the other protocols).

I am using XP SP2 under VMWare.

Thank you

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