[Samba] LDAP integration

Antony Gelberg antony at wayforth.co.uk
Sun Nov 13 13:51:14 GMT 2005

Antony Gelberg wrote:
> (Craig, thanks for your response.  I'm cc'ing the list as we need to try
> and resolve this today.  Hope you don't mind.)
> Craig White wrote:
>>smbldap-tools should create both the posix user and smb user - the
>>former being necessary for the latter
> I understand the words, but not the sentence.  Another samba/ldap box
> that we have authenticates the users quite happily, where they have been
> added to the LDAP directory via cpu.  I understand that with the
> traditional passdb backend, there is a difference between the posix user
> and the smb user, hence the need to use smbpasswd to create smb users.
> However, I thought that with LDAP, everything is in one place, so I
> don't quite understand the need for a posix and smb user.  Added to
> which, it worked for us on another box, as I said above.  If somebody
> could clarify, we would be grateful.

Sorry.  On the box where it worked, I *did* run smbpasswd -a for each
LDAP user.  I have tried it on the new box and it works.  What I think
you are saying is that if we use smbldap-tools, it's one step rather
than the two steps of cpu useradd and smbpasswd -a.

Not for the first time, I reflect on how forgetting a little detail can
waste hours.  Thanks for your help though.  It's much appreciated.

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