[Samba] groupmap

Simon Faulkner simon at titanic.co.uk
Sun Nov 13 05:57:36 GMT 2005

> it does appear that there is a problem with your setup. At this point
> you should try a tdbdump of your tdb passdb to see what it looks like
> and if it is garbage, delete it and start all over. If it looks good,
> you can net setlocalsid and it should take but the results of the other
> commands I listed above 
> I can tell you this much...I have never been satisfied with my first
> pass ever on a vampire from an NT4 server. Generally, I have to fix
> stuff up with my LDAP setup or smbldap-tools to get it exactly right. I
> never use tdb passdb so I can't tell you the exact procedures but with
> ldap passdb, I always slapcat the ldap db prior to doing the net rpc
> vampire, check out the results in ldap, wipe it all out, restore from
> the slapcat that I did previously, fix the things that aren't perfect
> and do it again. It takes a few passes. The first time I ever migrated
> an NT4 PDC to samba PDC, it probably took about 30 passes - but I tried
> to be meticulous. Now, it probably takes me from 2-4 passes but I am
> getting quite good at setting up ldap.

Cheers Craig,

LDAP is next on my Agenda...

I'm just trying to get a grip of net groupmap - I think that holds the 

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