[Samba] smbclient not accessable on debian

Steve Noble paramita at whidbey.com
Sun Nov 13 03:52:08 GMT 2005

I am a newbie to linux. I'm trying to learn everything at once.  I chose debian as my weapon of self destruction.  Recently I installed the debian version of Samba 3.0.20 for x86.  It seems to be up and running.  I can see it from my windows xp and win 98 machines which are on the same LAN, and when I run testparm I get no error messages.  The only thing is when I try to run smbclient -L myhost I get  smbclient: command not found.  Not only that when I type man smbclient I get no manual entry for smbclient.  smbclient is listed in the man page for Samba, but that just gives a brief description.  Is this a bug in the program?  Is it something that could be solved in smb.conf?  Is it a Debian idiosyncrasy?  What questions should I be asking?   Steve


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