[Samba] Migrating same domain

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Nov 11 14:38:57 GMT 2005

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Antony Gelberg wrote:

| Given this scenario, are we best off creating a new
| domain? It would be nice if we could migrate the
| oild domain so it's transparent to the users. If
| it's not possible, would it be if we had admin
| access to the existing Server?

If the domain is mixed mode, the net rpc vampire should work.
But if it's a native domain, other than some pwdump2 black
magic and incense, a new domain is stil easiest in small

Best of luck over the weekend :-)

| While I'm on the subject, is there any way to ease pain of
| Exchange -> Maildir migration? Current thinking is boot
| Windows server, have both Exchange and Maildir configured
| in Outlook, and drag the folders. What if we can't get
| the Exchange box to boot?

I use fetchmail+procmail.  Grab the mail from exchange
via IMAP and use procmail for local delivery to $HOME/Maildir/

cheers, jerry
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