[Samba] Group mapping giving incorrect GIDs

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Fri Nov 11 01:39:22 GMT 2005

> The overhead of mixing winbindd allocated ids and static mappings
> would be pretty big I think.  Essentially doubling the lookup for
> every group name.

That's true - but if you've only got a handful of mappings I wouldn't
have thought it'd be too bad.

> You could narrow this down to static mappings for you own
> domain and allow winbindd to handle trusted domains.
> How many domains are we talking about here?

Well we've only got the one domain, and within that I'm only worried
about a handful of GIDs.  To be honest, I'd be happy with a method that
would map about 20 NT groups to equivalent UNIX groups, and map
anything and everything else to the "nobody" group.

It looks like perhaps not running winbindd at all might be something to
look into - I'll try that now.


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