[Samba] login scripts not being run at session startup

David Landgren landgren at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 17:47:48 GMT 2005

 I have a weird problem on a 3.0.20 PDC. My users can log on correctly (user
credentials is in LDAP) to the domain but the login.bat file is not always
 For some people, it is always run. For other people, it is never run. For a
final group, sometimes it runs, sometimes it doesn't. There aren't any real
differences in the LDAP entry for the account. The relevant line in smb.confis:
  logon script = \\ns1\netlogon\login\%U <file://\\ns1\netlogon\login\%U>
 In all cases, it is possible to go manually to
\\pdc\netlogin\login<file://\\pdc\netlogin\login>directory, and
double-click on the script and it runs correctly, so its not
a permisssions problem.
 At log level 3, I don't see any glaring errors in the log file of the
client machine. Nor do I see anything out of the ordinary in smbd.log.
 Can anyone give me a few pointers on things to try to find out what's

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