[Samba] network design - taking advantage of samba+openldap

Pablo Chamorro C. pchamorro at ingeominas.gov.co
Thu Nov 10 17:45:07 GMT 2005

In the headquarter of my Institution we have some 300 windows PCs, 
distributed like this:

domain1: 100 clients in a consolidated samba 3.0.5-2 domain (RH 9.0)
domain2: 20 clients in an incipient samba 3.0.14a-2 domain (FC4)
          80 clients to be joined to domain2
without domain: 150 clients beloging to some three workgroups

We outsourced the deployment of a LDAP server and we are in the process of 
put the server into production, but the contract only included the 
migration of domain1 to authenticate against openldap.  And here my 
big question:

we want to consolidated domain2 and to create three extra PDCs for the 
rest of the windows PCs.  Is it advisable to have 5 PDCs? or only 1 PDC 
and one BDC for building? (like showed in 
Can openldap include several SIDs?

Could you please give us some advise for our successfull deployment of our 
Windows-Samba network? We don't have our LAN segmented.  Also, we are in 
the process of buying a cheap NAS solution for all the users.


Pablo Chamorro C.

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