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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Nov 10 13:21:18 GMT 2005

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Franz Pförtsch wrote:
| Thanks for help.
| I am using SuSE SLES9 samba-3.0.14a.
| the precompiled value is 0.
| I setted the value to 360.
| Can you explain the differend values?
| I created one printer and the printer was
| immediately visible at the windows-explorer?

The printcap cache time defines an interval in
seconds after which smbd will look for any new or
removed printers.

You have a couple of possibilities here.  You can
manually define each printer in smb.conf (and remove
[printers]) or you can seet "printcap name = /etc/printcap"
to use the cupsd generated file.  The problem is more
that the cupsd daemon appears to be quite slow when
we try to validate a large number of printer names.

Michael, Is there a better way to get cupsd to validate
a printer name or something that could be tweaked to
speed it up?  We can change the Samba code if we are
doing something wrong.  I think it is currently still close
to your original code.

cheers, jerry
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