[Samba] Re: A lot of IPC$ connections

Martin Zielinski mz at seh.de
Thu Nov 10 12:14:53 GMT 2005

Franz Pförtsch wrote:
> Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
>>[IPC$] is the share that the windows connect to in order to
>>open named pipes in order to issue the spoolss RPC calls.
> How could I finish this connections, they took a lot of CPU (30%).
> Or is it "dangerous" to disrupt them.
> When I restart the smbd the load is "normal".
> regards
> Franz

I think, what you are seeing is the same that I reported some time ago.

When you open a printer connection to the samba server as 
"printeradmin", the IPC$ connection is closed after a short time by the 
windows client (this is a spoolss pipe).

When you open a printer connection (means: open the printer window or 
print) as "normal" user - the connection is held open forever.

No idea, why this is. But the connection is definitly not closed by the 

If this is a problem on your system (as is on mine), you might have to 
close this remaining connection manually.

I do this in conn.c / conn_idle_all(). But there might really be more 
elegant ways...



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