[Samba] Group mapping giving incorrect GIDs

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Thu Nov 10 02:04:53 GMT 2005

> group mapping on domain members is mutually exclusive with running
> winbindd.  Usually that is.

So you mean if I run winbindd I can't use group mapping?  Are there any
ways around this?  (Like getting winbindd to check the group map before
checking the idmap ranges?)

> If you do not define a idmap uid and idmap gid ranges, then winbindd
> should fall back to using the group mapping. and you better have
> mappings for all domain groups.  It's an all or none decision.

Oh that's interesting.  I tried that but of course as I don't have
all the domain groups mapped it didn't work (I was hoping it might
work a little, as there aren't enough UIDs on my system to map all the
users and that seems to work okay.)


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