[Samba] What do I do now???

xdxexf at juno.com xdxexf at juno.com
Wed Nov 9 22:50:12 GMT 2005

I am/have been trying to get Samba working on my network for the past 5/6 weeks.
All I want to do is connect two pc's so that I can access the necessary files between
the two systems.
First of all I know the two systems can talk to each other as I setup the to lan cards
using WXP pro not using SAMBA. Since I can copy file between both systems I know that the connection is good and it should work using another OS.
Having read about SAMBA and how it would/could work with SUSE linux and Windows I 
thought that I would setup the network using SAMBA.
On both of my PCs I installed SUSE Linux 9.2 (downloaded from WWW and burnt to CDs).
The reason I am using SUSE linux is it was the only version of linux that I found that had
a 64bit and a 32 bit version. I installed the 64bit version on my newpc and the 32 bit version
on my oldpc (oldpc and newpc are what I am using for host names).
Everything appears to be working I downloaded some documentation on how to setup SAMBA
and there is about 10 items that are given to test the machines connectivity. I can ping the oldpc from the newpc; I can ping the newpc from the oldpc. I enter the other commands using smbnetwork? (I think the command names is) and I get back the results as shown in the example replies. So everything appears to be connected.
So now I want to introduce the partitions on my hard drives; and this is where it will not
work The necessary directories have been setup, the Files/Partitions to share have been setup in the etc/smb.conf file using YaST2 and everything appears to be in place. I run the command
"testparm /etc/smb.conf" and I get no errors of any type.
So on the newpc I enter the command (the following is all on one line the email message box makes it look like two lines.)
mount -t smbfs //oldpc/tmp /media/remote/mnt/tmp -o password=validrootpassword, username=root
The system seems to hang for about a minute, I get back to the root prompt and no errors of any type where given.
So when I do a 
ls -al /media/remote/mnt/tmp 
the system takes the command it again hangs for a while
and then I eventually get the message there was Input/output errors
and I do not see any output for the ls.
That is as far as I get trying to connect my two PCs. These machines are for my own home
usage and no other person will be using these PCs. I am using root until I get everything working and then I will use a regular non-root user setup. But I cannot find any documentation
that explains what is happening and how to fix the the problem that I have just described.
Thank you in advance for any answers to fixing these setup.

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