[Samba] Samba PDC and Office2003 Big Problem

Allori Lorenzo llallori at syr.fi.it
Tue Nov 8 17:59:59 GMT 2005

Hi Group,

I'm using samba 3.x as a pdc and I'm having a big problem using Office2003.

Only if I'm a user in the domain logged on: 
every time I double click on a word file or an excel file, the Office installation comes up trying 
to install a component and after finished it does not display the file i wanted and I have to open 
it from the Open File menu and to top left in the application (word or excel).

I know it is normal the first time you use office with a new user but it is doing it every time 
also after several logons of that user.

It this a common problem?

How do you think I can fix this?

Thank you very much,

   Lorenzo Allori
Systems Administrator
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Mobile: +393398612411
The Medici Archive Project
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