[Samba] Id Mapping from SFU 3.5

Dan Am samba at lonx.net
Tue Nov 8 10:45:51 GMT 2005

our task is to get Samba to us the same Mapping as SFU is using in AD.
1. In 3.0.21pre1 we set

idmap uid = 50000-100000
idmap gid = 50000-100000
idmap backend = AD
winbind separator = =

but mapping a drive from Win2003 Server fails with:

user "our_user" dows not exist"

Are we missing something ?

2. We succeeded with 3.0.9 by setting

winbind enable local accounts = yes

and pulling in the AD Users via nss_ldap directly.
But this parameter has been removed in current versions.
Why ? Are there any contraindications for the parameter ?

Any advice would be gratefully accepted.

Best Regards

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