[Samba] Trust Accounts and Machine Name Case

Tom Conway tconway at tecsol.org
Mon Nov 7 23:36:13 GMT 2005

I've been very frustrated with getting XP to connect to samba.
I added a machine account on Linux 
  useradd -g workstation -d /dev/null -s /bin/false xpmachine$
  then pdbedit -a -m -u xpmachine
  on XP i change the name to xpmachine and connect as root.
I'm welcomed into my domain as expected
When I reboot I cannot login because my account isn't recognized
although I can login as administrator and browse, map etc.

The Samba log says no account exists for XPMACHINE$ (uppercase) even
though it's lowercase in pdbedit and /etc/passwd.

In XP you can't change the machine name case but you can change from a
domain to a workgroup, then back again and go to uppercase... and now I
can login to my domain!! Until it breaks again and I have to do this all
over again. I've looked at every registry tweak I can find. Everything
I read says machine accounts are not case sensitive. Is there any
setting, either in Samba or XP that will put an end to this?

winxp (fresh install updated to sp2)
samba-3.0.10-1.fc2.i386.rpm (tdbsam backend)

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