[Samba] General Question: WinXP autodomain?

Andre Timmermann _samba.darktim at darktim.de
Mon Nov 7 18:25:23 GMT 2005

Hello List,

I am using Samba as PDC for some time now and I want do make the process
of joining the domain somewhat more elegant ;)

I use partimage to deploy images of my Windows XP-installation to the
computers in my lab. In order to automate the process of joining these
computers to the domain, I use some small perl-scripts. 

1. After installing new software, etc. I have to create a new image. I
have written a perlscript, which will be executed the next time, the
computer starts (I've put it in the registry ->RunOnce...)

2. This script sets the hostname of the fresh installed computer via
it's IP-adress. Then the script Puts another script in RunOnce, which
will execute netdom.exe to join the domain after next reboot. (Changing
the hostname requires a reboot )

3. After the 2nd reboot each machine has got an unique hostname and has
joined the domain.

OK, this procedure may not be very elegant, but it works for me.

Here are my questions:
Is it possible to deliver the hostname to the WinXP-workstations via
DHCP? (natively, without help of external applications)

What happens to a computer which has joined my domain, when I change the
hostname in my DHCP-Server? Will it remain in the domain?

If this is possible, I can throw away my perlscripts ;)


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