[Samba] Samba doesnt refresh explorer window

Christian Volk volk.christian at netcom-sicherheitstechnik.de
Mon Nov 7 13:23:59 GMT 2005

I have buildet a small mini-samba distri with only the nessesary components
for a shared network drive on an embedded Linuxbox.

When i connect with my Windowsbox to the samba server using an unc-path,
changes are only displayed after a manual refresh.
Doing the same on a Windows connected netdrive shows the changes
Trying this on an actual Sambadistri on Fedora Core 3 and 4 Distri,
refreshing is also working on unc-path connections.

Which component of the samba package is responsible for refreshing?
I am using samba 3.0.20b.


Regards from Germany

Christian Volk		

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