[Samba] Error copying permissions from Samba server

rbecker at rbecker.org rbecker at rbecker.org
Thu Nov 3 22:37:26 GMT 2005

Hi all,
   I'm attempting to migrate some files off a samba server onto a network
appliance server. Currently we're in a win2k domain with AD, the samba
server is 3.0.0 running on redhat 9. The samba is a member of the Win2k

What I'm attempting to do is migrate some files from the samba server to a
network appliance, and for areas which are going to be used only by
windows folks, I want to use NT permissions on the netapp.

I'm attempting to use "robocopy" on a windows machine to copy the files
with translated permissions from the samba server to the network
appliance, but it's failing with the error: "The security descriptor
structure is invalid."

I think this is because Samba is translating all the unix users to
samba-server-local accounts, instead of mapping them to their matching
domain accounts; i.e. my domain name is "DOMAINX", my samba server name is
"HOSTY", when I mount the samba share on a windows box in the domain,
right click and examine properties, I see "HOSTY\username" for all the
permissions instead of seeing "DOMAINX\username".  Is there any way to get
this to work the way I want?


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