Re: [Samba] Filenames with "special" characters (äöü€¶) on SMB share of Linkstation HD-HLAN250

Alexander Skwar listen at
Sun Nov 6 22:18:16 GMT 2005

Alexander Skwar schrieb:

> Thanks to OpenLink firmware from, I've
> now got root access via ssh/telnet to the box.

And this allowed me to finally install NFS on it. With
NFS, I can now easily and successfully create filenames
with non-ASCII characters, like "blöder name". But
when I access the share from Windows (or rather: via
SMB), the filenames are still mangled :(

What I'm after is a way for Samba to transform filenames
from the stored (on disk) UTF-8 name to cp850 (or

The NAS box is running Samba 2.2.8a.

Can Samba 2.2.8a do this? With Samba 3, this would be
possible, wouldn't it?

If Samba 2 could do this, how/what would I configure?
I suppose "client code page" and "character set" are
the relevant settings? What are the allowed values for
"character set"?

Are the "nftable" files in /usr/share/codepage the allowed
values? If so, then Samba 2 (or at least that installation)
doesn't handle UTF-8; only iso-8859-x and some cpX values.

Or would "find /lib/modules/$(uname -r) -name nls*.o" reveal
me the allowed values? If so, "UTF8" would be a good value -
but even with "character set = UTF8", I can't get a good
translation. "blöder name" translates to "bl├Âder name"
on Windows :(

Can Samba 2 do UTF-8 filename translation?


Alexander Skwar

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