[Samba] nested groups w/local group

Michal Svoboda pht at spatium.org
Sun Nov 6 15:32:15 GMT 2005


i'm trying to create a local group that would contain Domain Users
groups from two mutually trusting domains as its members. This would
be used to reduce overhead in granting privileges to users from both

I tried the following:
net rpc group add allusers -L
net rpc group addmem allusers 'DOMA\Domain Users'
net rpc group addmem allusers 'DOMB\Domain Users'

Now the trouble is that all the domain users from DOMB show up correctly
in `getent group allusers', but users from DOMA don't.

I'm doing this on the very same machine that serves as a PDC for DOMA,
so that's maybe why winbind does not see users from 'DOMA\Domain Users',
thus they don't show up in allusers.

But then, how can I achieve creating such a group?


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