[Samba] Re: Wintertime/summertime difference - Samba servers show wrong time ?

Daniel Eischen eischen at vigrid.com
Fri Nov 4 21:19:17 GMT 2005

On Fri, 4 Nov 2005, Dragan Krnic wrote:
> The way it works now in the sources, Samba goes out of its way
> to force Windows clients to see the file times the way Unix and
> other more mature systems see them. If a file was modified at
> noon 12:00:00 of any day, it shows 12:00:00 always, regardless
> of the date on which it was modified or the date on which one
> is beholding it. Samba does it by subtracting from the real GMT
> in the timestamps the difference between "TimeDiff(timestamp)"
> and "get_serverzone()", which means that it fakes the timestamp
> GMT in such a way that Windows still see the right time and not
> the wrong Windows time, which is actually what everybody wants
> to see, so that pacemakers don't stop and rod injectors don't melt.

If anyone is relying on date & timestamps under Windows (or
even using any general-purpose OS!) for such safety-critical
things as pacemakers and nuclear reactors, then we have a
much bigger problem ;-)

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