[Samba] Homes on differents servers...

Olivier Houde ohoude at drummonddesigns.com
Fri Nov 4 18:49:24 GMT 2005

Hi list,
I read the samba doc but i didn't find any answer to my problem, maybe 
you can help me or just point me where to find the solution. That would 
be very appreciated.

Our company has three offices in different cities plus a head office. 
All of those office are linked using VPNs. For now, we have a domain at 
the head office using samba3 as a PDC, a master LDAP server for 
authentication. The other offices a configured as Workgroup (WG1, WG2 
and WG3) and are relatively independant and on their own. We would like 
to centralize all the information but keep the bandwith use to minimal. 
I would like to setup a BDC and a LDAP slave in each office.

My concern is not about how to configure Samba and LDAP for 
authentication. It is mostly on how can i tell samba where are the homes 
of the users depending on wich user is logged in.We want to be sure that 
each and every user will still be able to use their home in case the 
link between our sites go down. The best way to work it out would 
probably to place the homes of all the users of WG1 on the BDC that will 
replace the server currently in place but it doesn't work. When a user 
logs in, he authenticates on the BDC but all the rest of the logon 
process is switch to the PDC.

I use "logon home", "logon path", "logon drive" and "logon script" in my 
smb.conf and i'm trying to figure out how to modify my configuration. 
I'm sure the solution is pretty simple but i'm still looking for it.

Olivier Houde

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