[Samba] winbind or netsamlogon_cache.tdb issue

Lionel Déruaz lderuaz at free.fr
Fri Nov 4 09:46:52 GMT 2005

Hello, we have tried the 3.0.21pre1 release.
Effectively the netsamlogon_cache file doesn't exist anymore.
However we keep on having similar trouble with the cache : some users
members of some AD group are seen as if they were not belonging to the
group. And it is ok if winbind is started without cache.

Does anyone has this problem ?


|> | Is this fixed in the 3.0.20b release ?
|> No. But the netsamlogon_cache file has been removed in
|> 3.0.21pre1 altogether.
| Fine.
| Does it means the problem that i've met may no longer
| appear (sorry for that question, but i am a new user
| of samba, without lots of knowledge concerning
| the interaction between winbind, the tdb files,
| and wbinfo_group.pl)?
|yes.  it should be fixed in 3.0.21pre1

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