[Samba] Issue logging on in a samba + ldap environment

Matt Pruett entelin at logicaldreams.net
Thu Nov 3 13:52:00 GMT 2005

Ok I narrowed down the problem I am having here... I have a master ldap
server and a replica ldap server. If I point the DC at the master logins
don't work, I get a "domain cannot be found" type message. If however I
point it at the replica it works just fine. On both servers multiple
other services also use ldap, they all work fine with either server, I
have phpldapadmin on both also and from what I can see both servers
contain the same information. I did a packet dump to look at the ldap
queries when it fails to login, and there are no access denied type
messages at all, it performs a few queries gets the right answers back,
and does not continue to make any more queries that it would be if it
was working correctly. The logs don't mention any errors either. Just to
be sure it wasn't some kind of permissions issue on ldap I commented out
all of my access-lists and gave all write to everything, still didn't

So I am a bit confused, I really want to find out what the specific
issue is here. Anyone have any suggestions on what to look at next?

Matt Pruett <entelin at logicaldreams.net>
Matt Pruett <entelin at logicaldreams.net>

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