[Samba] Samba Authentication

Nick Ward nward at hexmet.co.uk
Thu Nov 3 16:39:21 GMT 2005

I'm trying to setup my first Samba server on a Suse Linux system.  I
have configured by krb5.conf file and checked thing using kinit
user at REALM and it all worked.  I have configured Samba and joined it to
our windows domain using 'net ads join -u username%password' and this
seems to have worked fine.  I can use smblcient to connect to a Windows
share with no problem but when try to set samba as for linux
authentication I get a message telling me this host is not a member of
our domain and would I like to joint it.  (At this point when I browse I
don't see any domains)  I give the windows administrator username and
password and a box pops up saying 'error'.  Can anybody give me some
pointers on how to resolve this problem.
Thanks in advance.

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