[Samba] Re: Problems with smbldap

Andreas Bauer andreas_bauer at arcor.de
Wed Nov 2 12:19:27 GMT 2005

John H wrote:
> What schemas have you loaded through the slapd.conf file?
I have loaded the same schemas as on my working PDC slapd.conf file.
I have openssl connections. getent passwd and getent group are working for 
me, also
smbldap-userdel, smbldap-passwd.
smbldap-useradd and smbldap-groupadd not.
Also login with win XP Clients does not working for me.
Suse clients login are working for me.
The same ldap/smb configuration is working on PDC.
After installing openssl I have to install IO Sockets perl modules,
shown on idealx homepage. Then all smbldap tools on PDC are
working for me, but the BDC one's not.
Perhaps, is there a fault in the smbldap-useradd script? I will try to use 
the PDC one's.
> Chapter 5 provides detailed diagnostic information as well as step-by-step
> instructions to help to get Samba+LDAP working.
I have not found my faults.

Thanks a lot

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