[Samba] System Error 1789 with Samba PDC

Cynthia Jeness CJeness at bellsouth.net
Wed Nov 2 04:28:35 GMT 2005

I have a network with a Samba-3 primary domain controller set up.   The 
windows clients can join the domain and successfully use the domain 
resources on the Samba server.   So this part of the setup works greate.

We also have a Windows 2003 server.   This server can join the domain.   
However, if a client attempts to use a shared resource on the Windows 
2003 server, it gets "System Error 1789" which relates to the inability 
to establish the trust relationship.   This same client can successfully 
connect to a resource on the Samba server without any errors.

If I must have Windows servers in my network and I want them to 
participate in the domain, then do I need to run "winbindd"?  I am not 
currently doing this.   My Linux distribution is Suse 9.3 and the 
"winbindd" is older than the rest of the Samba package that is provided 
by Suse.  Also, I could not find all of the components referenced in the 
installation instructions for winbindd.  The caveats with regard to the 
pam modules made us reluctant to experiment.

We searched the mailing lists with regard to the 1789 error, but found 
only a couple of hits that were not especially helpful.   So any advice 
would be greatly appreciated.  

Cynthia Jeness

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