[Samba] badly mangled names from certain old apps

Chris Garrigues cwg-dated-1131301005.0eff86 at Trinsics.Com
Tue Nov 1 18:16:45 GMT 2005

I just took on a new client who is having a curious problem with mangled 
names.  Here's the history as I understand it:

Originally they were on an NT server and there was no issue.

My predecessor moved them to a samba server running on gentwo.  I do not know 
what version of samba or how he moved the data, but when he did so, any files 
and folders with more than 8 characters started appearing mangled from two and 
only two apps.  Those two apps are qbtimer (Quickbooks) and "RAM Structural

I have moved them to a new server running 3.0.13 under Mandriva.  The file 
names still appear mangled.

Examples of how they are mangled:

Engineering		-> EHTEC6~Q
MSWord Templates	-> MLLW2U~K

The apps are running under XP and my user swears they didn't have a problem 
under the old NT server.  My assumption is that these two apps are using an 
old broken API, but if it really worked fine to an NT server, then there must 
be something better we can do...if we just get more standard looking 8.3 
mangling, that would help.

Any ideas?


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